How to Transfer Balance in Ncell: A Step-By-Step Guide

This guide will show you how to transfer balance in Ncell to Ncell using USSD code and the Ncell App. You'll also learn about the limits and fees for balance transfers.

How To Transfer Balance In Ncell

Ncell Axiata Limited, generally known as Ncell, is a significant telecommunications company in Nepal. It offers a wide range of services, including mobile voice, SMS, data, and mobile broadband services. Ncell is the leading mobile operator in Nepal, with a market share of about 54.26%. Ncell provides many features for prepaid SIM card holders. Ncell balance transfer is one of the most useful features it offers.


If you’re a Ncell prepaid SIM card holder, this guide will be incredibly useful for you! Know how to transfer balances from NCELL to NCELL. The Ncell Balance Transfer feature allows you to share your Ncell balance with friends and family. Before diving into the process, let’s first understand who is eligible to transfer balances to Ncell.

Who Can Transfer Ncell Balance?

Before you learn how to transfer balances in Ncell, it is very important to know who can use this service. Only Ncell prepaid customers with a SIM card that is at least 90 days old can transfer the balance. This means that if you’ve been using your Ncell SIM for at least three months, you’re eligible to share your balance.

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Benefits Of Ncell Balance Transfer

The balance transfer feature provided by Ncell comes with several benefits. Here are some benefits of Ncell balance transfer:

  • Ncell balance transfer allows users to share their balance with friends and family.
  • The transferred amount can be used for making calls, sending SMS/MMS, and using the internet.
  • Ncell balance transfer service doesn’t cost a lot. It’s just a small fee per transfer. The service charge for balance transfer is Rs 1 (excluding taxes) per transfer, and after the addition of taxes, it becomes Rs 1.28. For example: When Rs 10 is sent, the recipient receives Rs 8.76 after deducting the service charge.

Ncell Balance Transfer Service Limits:

Below are a few limitations of the Ncell Balance Transfer Service:

  • Transfer amount: Minimum Rs. 10, Maximum Rs. 200 per transaction.
  • Daily transactions: Maximum 3 transactions per day.
  • Daily transfer limit: Maximum Rs. 600 per day.
  • Eligible numbers: Prepaid Ncell numbers only.

How To Transfer Balance In Ncell Through USSD

Ncell Balance Transfer Through USSD

Here’s a step-by-step guide for Ncell balance transfer through USSD:

  1. On your phone dialer.
  2. Type *17122*Recipient’s Number*Amount in Rs#
    • Replace the Recipient’s Number with the recipient’s mobile number.
    • Replace the Amount with the desired balance amount in Nepalese Rupees (e.g., Rs. 50).
    • For example, if you want to transfer Rs. 50 to a friend with the Ncell number 98XXXXXXXX, you would dial: *17122*98XXXXXXXX*50#
  3. Press the call button to proceed with the transaction. Then enter ‘1‘ to confirm and finalize the balance transfer.
  4. You will be charged an additional amount of Rs. 1.28 (including TSC and VAT) for the transfer.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will receive a confirmation message informing you that the designated amount has been successfully transferred to the recipient’s account.

How To Transfer Balance In Ncell Through Ncell App

Transfer Balance In Ncell Through Ncell App

Here’s a step-by-step guide for Ncell balance transfer through USSD:

  1. Install the Ncell App: Download and install the Ncell app on your mobile device.
  2. Register with SIM: Open the app and click on “Register with SIM” to set up your account. Once registered, you’ll land on the Ncell App Dashboard.
  3. Balance Transfer: From the app’s homepage, select the “Balance Transfer” option. Enter the recipient’s Ncell mobile number to transfer the balance.
  4. Verification: You will receive a 6-digit verification code via SMS. Enter this code in the app to verify the transaction.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the balance will be transferred to the recipient’s account, and you’ll receive a confirmation message.

Remember that the service charge for balance transfer in Ncell is Rs. 1 (excluding taxes) per transfer, and you can only transfer money from Ncell prepaid to another Ncell prepaid number. The maximum amount you can transfer in a day is Rs. 600 (limited to 3 transfers)

Pro Tips For Smooth Ncell Balance Transfer:

Here are some tips for smooth Ncell balance transfer:

  • Check Balance: Before starting a balance transfer, make sure you have sufficient balance in your account to cover the transfer amount.
  • Know Recipient’s Number: Double-check the recipient’s Ncell number to avoid any errors in the transfer process.
  • Use Correct USSD Code: Use the correct USSD code for the balance transfer provided by Ncell. Dial the code accurately to initiate the transfer.
  • Follow Instructions: Pay close attention to the instructions provided by Ncell during the balance transfer process. Follow each step carefully to avoid any errors or disruptions.
  • Ensure Network Connectivity: Make sure you have a stable network connection before initiating the transfer. Poor network coverage may result in transaction failures or delays.
  • Verify Transfer Confirmation: After completing the balance transfer, verify the confirmation message from Ncell to ensure that the transaction was successful. This helps avoid any misunderstandings or disputes later on.
  • Keep Records: Maintain a record of your balance transfer transactions for reference purposes. This can be useful for tracking your transfer history and resolving any issues that may arise.
  • Stay Updated: Stay informed about any updates or changes to Ncell’s balance transfer policies, codes, or procedures to ensure you’re using the latest information for smooth transactions.
  • Contact Customer Support if Needed: If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about the balance transfer process, don’t hesitate to contact Ncell’s customer support for assistance at 9005. They can provide guidance and resolve any issues you may encounter.

By following these tips, you can help ensure a smooth and hassle-free Ncell balance transfer experience.


Ncell’s Balance Transfer feature is a great way to help out your friends and family when they need it most. With two simple methods, using USSD code or the Ncell App, you can easily transfer balance and ensure they stay connected. Remember, the minimum transfer amount is Rs. 10, the maximum is Rs. 200, and you can transfer up to three times per day. The service fee is a nominal Re. 1 (excluding taxes).

So, the next time someone in your circle is running low on balance, don’t hesitate to extend a helping hand by sharing your Ncell balance. With these straightforward methods, you can make their day and keep them connected.

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FAQs on Ncell Balance Transfer

What is Ncell Balance Transfer?

Ncell Balance Transfer is a service that allows Ncell prepaid users to send and receive balances from their mobile to their friends or family’s Ncell numbers.

Who is eligible for Ncell Balance Transfer?

This service is available for all Ncell prepaid customers who have had their SIM card for 90 days or older.

How Much Balance Can I Transfer in Ncell?

There are a few limits to how much balance you can transfer at once. The minimum amount you can transfer is Rs. 10, and the maximum amount is Rs. 200. You can also transfer your balance up to three times a day.

Is there a service fee for Ncell Balance Transfer?

Yes, Every time you transfer the balance, there’s a small service fee of Re. 1 (excluding taxes). This fee will be deducted from the amount you transfer.

Can I transfer the balance to all Ncell users’ numbers?

No, You can only transfer the balance from Ncell prepaid to Ncell prepaid numbers.

How can I use the Ncell transferred amount?

The transferred amount can be used to make calls, send SMS, and surf the internet.

Can the ‘Saapati’ amount be transferred to Ncell?

No, Ncell does not support the transfer of Saapati amounts.