NTC Data Pack Guide: How to Take, and Check Remaining Data

Learn how to take data pack in NTC, Check your remaining Data, and find essential codes for various NTC data packs. Get insights on NTC data packages, plans, and Tips for Efficient Data Usage

NTC Data Pack
Nepal Telecom (NTC) is Nepal’s biggest and oldest telecom company. For a long time, it has provided mobile phone service. They have changed and improved a lot. Because of the demand, NTC now offers mobile data packs. People require more internet access to stay connected. Instead of unlimited or pay-as-you-go services, people want cheaper data packs. This article has all the NTC data pack details, like price, volume, time, and how to get them.People who use smartphones want lots of data now. It’s for talking, chatting, video calls, social updates, work, and fun. They work on their phones, send files and emails, and complete online tasks. Some learn online, while others play games. So, many want data packs. Unlike pay-as-you-go, data packs have limited data for some time, but cost less. So, people like them.

Understanding NTC Data Packs

NTC offers a variety of data packs to meet different needs, including time-based, app-based, and location-based data packs. The NTC Data Pack gives you choices for staying online. You can pick unlimited data, limited data, day or night packs, and even social media packs. They help you connect for work, fun, or learning.Let’s see all the available NTC data packs with their price, volume, validity, etc. Each of these data packs provides unique benefits to users.

Unlimited Data Pack

Nepal Telecom offers unlimited internet packages for different times: night, day, and hourly. Some packages have a fair use policy (FUP) or bandwidth limits. Although they’re unlimited, speed might slow after using a certain amount.Unlimited NTC data packages are great for high-demand 1-hour use. Speeds are fast, and you can enjoy unlimited YouTube, social media, browsing, TikTok, and more. When broadband is down, I use these packages and share the internet via USB cable, having a good experience on both phones and computers. It’s great for staying online for a long time.
Unlimited HourlyRs 201 Hour
Unlimited HourlyRs 302 Hours

Day Data Pack

With the NTC Day Data Pack, you can enjoy internet services from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can do work, read the news, watch shows, and more. For GSM and CDMA users, the Day Data Pack lasts 24 hours with a subscription.
Unlimited Day DataRs 3924 Hours (5 AM to 5 PM)
500 MB of Day DataRs 1524 Hours (5 AM to 5 PM)

Night Data Pack

To stay active during the night, enjoy the Night Data Pack. For GSM/CDMA (postpaid) customers, the Night Data Pack is good for one night at a low price. Use it from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
Unlimited NightRs 2024 Hours (11:00 PM to 6:00 AM)

The social media data pack

If you love social media, the Social Media Data Pack is perfect for you. You can stay connected, post pictures, and enjoy Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more within your social media data pack.
Unlimited Facebook PackRs 553 Days
Unlimited YouTube PackRs 553 Days
1 GB Facebook/YouTube (Add-On Pack)Rs 153 Days
Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter packRs 151 Day
4 GB of all data + 1 GB/day (Facebook and YouTube) (11 GB total)Rs 1807 Days
10 GB of all data + 1 GB/day (Facebook and YouTube) (38 GB total)Rs 59928 Days

Sajilo Prepaid Data Pack

“Sajilo” means easy. It’s a simple scheme for Nepal Telecom’s prepaid and postpaid GSM users. It gives unlimited daily data and has three sub-schemes: combo pack, unlimited basic pack, and unlimited add-on pack. Each sub-scheme offers a different data package to choose from.
GSM Prepaid Sajilo Unlimited 1499Rs 1,49928 Days4 GB/day, 64 kbps after the limit, and unlimited in-net voice
GSM Prepaid Sajilo Unlimited 999Rs 99928 Days1 GB/day, 64 kbps after limit, unlimited in-net voice
Sajilo Unlimited 799 PackRs 79928 Days1 GB/day, 64 Kbps after limit, Unlimited On-Net Voice
Sajilo Combo 699 PackRs 69928 Days1 GB, 100 Min Call/DDay
Sajilo Unlimited 1GB/Day Data PackRs 59928 Days1 GB/day, 64 kbps after the 1 GB limit
Sajilo Unlimited NT-NT Voice PackRs 59928 DaysUnlimited On-Net Voice, 250 Min. Off-Net Voice
Sajilo Combo 499 PackRs 49928 Days700 MB, 70 min. call/day
Sajilo Combo 349 PackRs 34928 Days500 MB, 50 min call/day
Sajilo Combo, 199 PackRs 19928 Days150 MB, 15 min call/day
The Sajilo Unlimited Add-On Data Pack (for the Voice Pack)Rs 29930 DaysAfter the 1 GB limit, 64 Kbps
Some of the Sajilo Prepaid add-on packages
1 GBRs 301 Day
2 GBRs 401 Day
4 GBRs 501 Day

Sasto Combo Data Pack

Sasto is a Nepali term that means “cheap.” The Sasto pack is a lower-cost data pack available on NTC.
Sasto Combo 2999 PackRs 2,999336 Days18 GB of data, 1800 min. on net call
Sasto Combo 799 PackRs 79984 Days4.5 GB of data, 450 min. on net call
Sasto Combo 299 PackRs 29930 Days2 GB data, 150 minutes of net call

4G Data Pack:

Boost your online experience with the 4G Data Pack. It provides you with fast internet, allowing you to browse quickly, stream smoothly, and download quickly. It’s perfect for those who prefer speed online.
150 MB + 150 MB (bonus)Rs 151 Day
512 MB + 512 MB (bonus)Rs 301 Day
2 GB + 2 GB (bonus).Rs 1007 Days
3 GB + 3 GB (bonus)Rs 29028 Days

Stay Connected Data Pack

To stay in touch, use the Stay Connected Data Pack. Whether for work, chatting with friends, or staying updated, this pack ensures you’re never disconnected. This plan is for people who want to stay connected in different ways without needing too much data. It offers medium-sized data packs for longer periods.
2 GB of All Network + Bonus 3 GB (4G)Rs 1005 Days
2 GB of All Network + Bonus 3 GB (4G) + 100 Minutes CallRs 1305 Days
3 GB of All Network + Bonus 9 GB (4G)Rs 2007 Days

Online Learning e-Shikshya Data Pack

Make your online learning better with the Online Learning e-Shikshya Data Pack. It allows students to access educational materials and create online courses and tutorials. NTC offers discounted high-volume data packs for education.These packs work on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. To obtain the e-Shikshya package, institutions must provide details and beneficiary phone numbers. After approval, users will receive an SMS from 1422. Once eligible, students and teachers can dial *1441# to buy the data they need.
6 GBRs 2603GB all-time + 3GB (5 AM–5 PM)28 Days
15 GBRs 5009GB all-time + 6GB (5 AM–5 PM)28 Days
More information on NTC data packs can be found on their official website.

How do I take data packs in NTC?

There are many ways to buy an NTC data pack. I will show you three easy and popular methods to take data packs in NTC.

Dialing the USSD code

Open your dialer and dial the USSD code *1415#, enter the number of the pack you want to buy, and tap on “Send”.
Buy NTC Data Pack using Dialer USSD Code

Using the NTC App

Download the NTC app from your App Store, or Play Store. Open the app, Click on ‘BUY PACKAGES’, select the data pack you want, and tap on ‘BUY DATA PACK’, Then Tap on ‘OK’ once a pop-up appears.
Take data pack in NTC Using the NTC App

Sending an SMS

Don’t want to use the app or USSD code? You can send an SMS with the specified keyword for your desired pack. To Buy an NTC data Pack using SMS, Type “DATA[DATA NAME]” and Send it to 1415. For example: send *DATA100MB* to *1415* for a 100MB data pack.
Take data pack in Ntc using SMS

How Do I Check the Remaining Data in NTC?

It’s crucial to keep track of your usage when you have limited mobile data. You can use your phone’s stats, but the best way is to get them from NTC. There are a few methods to check your remaining data volume on NTC mobile plans.
  • Method 1: Open your dialer and call *1415*55#.
  • Method 2: Open the message box, type “Vl,” and send to 1415.

Choosing the Right NTC Data Pack

Selecting the perfect NTC data pack depends on your needs. If you’re a heavy user, volume-based packs might be your best bet. Time-based packs are ideal for short-term travel needs. Combo packs suit those who need a mix of data, talk time, and texts. Consider your data usage, how long you need it, and your budget.

Tips for Efficient Data Usage

Managing your data can save you both money and hassle. Here are some tips:
  • Connect to Wi-Fi: To avoid data consumption, use Wi-Fi whenever possible.
  • Track Background Apps: Close running apps in the background to prevent them from consuming data.
  • Disable auto-updates: To prevent unnecessary data usage, turn off the auto-updates app.


NTC’s data plans are affordable and reliable. Although the internet might be slow occasionally, it’s not a big problem because every internet provider has a similar issue in Nepal. The price and package are great for light users. Remember to choose the pack that aligns with your needs.If you found this article helpful, drop a comment below and let us know about your experience with NTC data packs! For more insightful guides, check out our related articles, “How to Transfer Balance in NTC” and “How to Take a Loan in NTC.“.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I check my remaining data balance?

To NTC data check, dial *1415# or send “Vl” to 1415 via SMS. These methods will provide you with up-to-date information on your remaining data volume.

What are the benefits of the Day Data Pack?

The NTC Day Data Pack provides all-day connectivity from 5 AM to 5 PM. It’s suitable for tasks like work, browsing, and entertainment during daytime hours.

How does the Night Data Pack work?

The Night Data Pack offers cheap connectivity for one night, usable from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM. It’s ideal for staying active during late hours.

Who can enjoy NTC data packs?

NTC data packs are designed for all GSM and CDMA users, both prepaid and postpaid. These packs cater to various data needs and preferences.

Can I buy many data packs?

Yes, you can buy many data packs at once.

What is the difference between unlimited data packs and limited data packs?

Unlimited data packs let you use the internet as much as you want for a while, while limited data packs give you a set amount of data to use within a certain time.

What is the difference between combo packs and basic packs in the Sajilo scheme?

Combo packs in the Sajilo scheme offer a mix of data, talk time, and texts, while basic packs provide unlimited daily data without extra features.

How can I save data while using mobile internet?

To save your data, connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible, close background apps, and disable auto-updates for apps.