National Bird of Egypt

The Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis), the national bird of Egypt. Steppe Eagle is a fascinating bird with unique features and behaviors. Learn more about Steppe Eagle and its interesting facts.

National Bird of Egypt

Egypt, situated in North Africa, is a unique destination for birdwatching. The country’s deserts, wetlands, and coastlines offer habitats for various bird species. Birdwatchers can spot the elegant Egyptian Vulture, the striking White-eyed Gull, and a range of waders and raptors. Egypt’s historical significance and avian diversity make it an appealing destination for ornithologists and history buffs.


But did you know “what is the National Bird of Egypt?” The answer is quite interesting, it’s the Steppe Eagle. Its scientific name is Aquila nipalensis. The Steppe Eagle is known for its Large size and distinctive plumage. It is one of the National Symbols of Egypt.

Egypt’s National Bird

The Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis) is the National Bird of Egypt. The Steppe Eagle is a large raptor found in parts of Europe and Asia. It’s known for its broad wings and distinctive plumage.

An Overview of Egypt’s National Bird:

Bird Name:Steppe Eagle
Official Status as National Bird:Yes
Scientific Name:Aquila nipalensis
Range:Eurasia, Central Asia
Habitat:Open steppes, grasslands
Size:Wingspan: 6.2-7.2 feet
Weight:5.5-10.1 pounds
Diet:Small mammals, birds
Lifespan:Up to 25 years
Behavior:Powerful, migratory
Reproduction:Monogamous, cliff nests
Conservation Status:Least Concern
Notable Feature:Large size, distinctive plumage

Interesting Facts about the National Bird of Egypt

Here are some Interesting Facts about the National Bird of Egypt:

  • The Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis) is the National Bird of Egypt.
  • They are migratory birds, traveling long distances between their breeding and wintering grounds.
  • Steppe Eagles are often seen in open grasslands and steppe habitats.
  • These eagles primarily feed on small mammals, birds, and carrion.
  • They are known for their powerful flight and soaring abilities.
  • Steppe Eagles have a distinct pale head and neck, making them stand out.
  • They are known to gather in large numbers at carcasses and can be seen in groups during migration.
  • These eagles have been featured in falconry due to their impressive size and hunting skills.

FAQ’s About the National Bird of Egypt

What is the national bird of Egypt?

The national bird of Egypt is the Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis).

What is the scientific name of the Steppe Eagle?

The scientific name of the Steppe Eagle is Aquila nipalensis.

How long does the Steppe Eagle live?

The Steppe Eagle has a lifespan of Up to 25 years.


What kind of habitat does the Steppe Eagle prefer?

The Steppe Eagle prefers to live in Open steppes, and grasslands.

What does the Steppe Eagle eat?

The Steppe Eagle eats Small mammals, and birds.