National Game of Brazil

The national game of Brazil is Capoeira. It was declared as the national sport in 1972. In this blog post, you will learn everything about Brazil's national sport, Capoeira.

National Game Of Brazil

Brazil is a country full of exciting things, and one of the most thrilling is its national game called Capoeira. Have you ever wondered what games people in Brazil love to play the most? Well, Capoeira is like a dance and a game mixed together, and it’s the national sport of Brazil!


Brazil’s National Game:

Capoeira is the national game of Brazil. It’s not just a regular sport; it’s a blend of dancing and martial arts! People in Brazil are very proud of Capoeira, and they love to watch and play it. It’s a special part of their culture and history. Capoeira was declared as Brazil’s national sport in 1972.

History of Capoeira in Brazil

Capoeira has a fascinating history. A long time ago, when Brazil was a colony, African people who were brought to Brazil as slaves invented Capoeira. They wanted to keep their spirits high and stay strong, so they disguised their martial arts moves as dances. This way, they could practice their fighting skills without getting caught. Over the years, Capoeira became more than just a way to defend themselves. It turned into a beautiful art form that people all over Brazil enjoy.

In Capoeira, players make circles and take turns showing off their moves. They try to trick each other with swift kicks and flips, and it’s a fantastic sight to see. People play Capoeira to the rhythm of special music, like drums and tambourines. It’s like a dance-off with lots of flips and spins!


Some Other Popular Games in Brazil

Brazil is a land of many games. Besides Capoeira, people in Brazil love to play soccer, which is like a national obsession! They’re really good at it, too. If you visit Brazil, you’ll see kids and adults playing soccer in parks and streets everywhere. It’s like their second national sport!

Another game Brazilians enjoy is volleyball. They have their unique version of beach volleyball, which they play on the beautiful sandy beaches along the coast. It’s a lot of fun to watch and play!


Capoeira is the national game of Brazil, and it’s a fantastic mix of dance and martial arts. It’s been a part of Brazil’s history for a long time, starting with African slaves who used it as a way to stay strong and free. Today, Capoeira is a cherished part of Brazilian culture. Alongside Capoeira, people in Brazil also love to play soccer and volleyball. If you ever get a chance, you should definitely try to watch or even play Capoeira – it’s a game like no other!

FAQs On the National Game Of Brazil

What Is The National Game Of Brazil?

Capoeira is the national game of Brazil.


When Was Capoeira Declared The National Game Of Brazil?

Capoeira was declared the national game of Brazil in 1972.