National Game of Chile

The national game of Chile is Chilean rodeo. It was declared as the national sport in 1962. In this blog post, you will learn everything about Chile's national sport, Chilean rodeo.

National Game Of Chile

Chile is a beautiful country in South America, and guess what? They have a national game that’s super exciting! It’s called the Chilean rodeo. Have you ever wondered what games people in Chile love to play? Let’s find out more about Chile’s national game, its history, and some other popular games they enjoy.


Chile’s National Game

The national game of Chile is Chilean rodeo, also known as rodeo chileno. It is a team equestrian sport that is played in a crescent-shaped arena called a medialuna. Two riders, known as huasos, work together to herd a calf around the medialuna in a figure-eight pattern. The riders are judged on their skill and horsemanship, as well as on the speed and agility of the calf.

Chilean rodeo is a popular sport in rural Chile, and it is also enjoyed by people in urban areas. The national championship rodeo is held every year in Rancagua, and it is one of the most important sporting events in Chile.

History of Chilean Rodeo in Chile

A long time ago, when Chile was a young country, cowboys called “huasos” started riding horses and herding cattle. They were really skilled horse riders, and they loved to show off their skills. Over time, this became a friendly competition and turned into what we now know as the Chilean rodeo.


In Chilean rodeo, two riders on horseback try to guide a young calf between two cushions placed on the ground. They need to work together and use their horses to control the calf’s movements. It’s like a dance between the riders and the calf, and it’s super fun to watch!

Some Other Popular Games in Chile

Besides the Chilean rodeo, there are other games that people in Chile enjoy playing. Soccer is a big deal in Chile, like in many other countries. They have a strong soccer team, and you’ll see lots of kids and adults playing soccer in parks and streets.

Another popular game is called “Palín.” It’s a traditional game played by the Indigenous people in Chile. Players use a wooden club to hit a small ball and try to score goals. It’s a game that connects people to their roots and is still played in some parts of Chile today.


Chile’s national game is Chilean rodeo, where riders on horseback show off their amazing skills while guiding a calf. It’s a game that’s deeply rooted in Chilean culture. Besides rodeo, soccer is a big hit in Chile, and they also have traditional games like Palín. So, if you ever visit Chile, you can join in the fun and maybe even watch a thrilling Chilean rodeo!


FAQs On the National Game Of Chile

What Is The National Game Of Chile?

Chilean rodeo is the national game of Chile.

When Was Chilean Rodeo Declared The National Game Of Chile?

Chilean rodeo was declared the national game of Chile in 1962.