National Game of Columbia

The national game of Columbia is Tejo. It was declared as the national sport in 2000. In this blog post, you will learn everything about Columbia's national sport, Tejo.

National Game Of Colombia

Colombia is a country full of vibrant culture, delicious food, and exciting games. Did you know that Colombia has a national game called Tejo? It’s like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered! Let’s take a journey to learn more about Colombia’s national game, its history, and some other fun games that Colombians enjoy.


Colombia’s National Game

Colombia’s national game is Tejo. It is a traditional throwing sport that is played with small steel discs called tejos and a metal ring called a bocín. The bocín is filled with gunpowder and has a small triangular bag of gunpowder called a mecha placed on top.

The goal of the game is to throw the tejo at the bocín and cause the mecha to explode. Points are awarded for hitting the bocín, causing the mecha to explode, and knocking the bocín out of the ring.

Tejo is a popular sport in Colombia, and it is played by people of all ages and backgrounds. It is often played in bars and restaurants, and it is a popular social activity. Tejo is also a competitive sport, and there are regular tournaments held throughout Colombia.


History of Tejo in Colombia

Tejo has a long and interesting history in Colombia. It’s believed to have been played by Indigenous people in Colombia for centuries before Spanish explorers arrived. Tejo is all about throwing heavy metal discs at a target filled with gunpowder. When the disc hits the gunpowder, it makes a loud and exciting explosion, and that’s when everyone cheers! It’s like a mix of skill and celebration.

In Tejo, players take turns throwing the discs at the target, and they try to get their discs as close as possible to the center. It’s a bit like a game of darts but with a big, exciting twist! It’s a game that combines skill, strategy, and a whole lot of fun.

Some Other Popular Games in Colombia

In addition to Tejo, there are other games that Colombians enjoy playing. Soccer is a big deal in Colombia, like in many other countries. You’ll find kids and adults playing soccer in parks and fields all across the country. Colombia also has a love for cycling, and they have some excellent cyclists who compete in races around the world.

Another fun game in Colombia is called “Rayuela.” It’s a bit like hopscotch, where players hop on one foot to complete a course drawn on the ground. It’s a game that kids really enjoy playing during their free time.



Tejo is the national game of Colombia, where players throw heavy metal discs at a target filled with gunpowder. It’s a game filled with excitement and laughter, loved by people of all ages. Besides Tejo, soccer and cycling are popular in Colombia, along with games like Rayuela. So, if you ever visit Colombia, you can join in the Tejo fun and maybe even watch a thrilling match!

FAQs On the National Game Of Columbia

What Is The National Game Of Columbia?

Tejo is the national game of Columbia.

When Was Tejo Declared The National Game Of Columbia?

Tejo was declared the national game of Columbia in 2000.