National Game of Mexico

The national game of Mexico is Charreria. It was declared as the national sport in 1933. In this blog post, you will learn everything about Mexico's national sport, Charreria.

National Game Of Mexico

Mexico is a country full of colorful traditions, delicious food, and exciting games. Did you know that Mexico has a national game called Charreria? It’s like a treasure waiting to be uncovered! Let’s go on a journey to discover Mexico’s national game, its history, and some other fun games that Mexicans love to play.


Mexico’s National Game

Mexico’s national game is Charreria. It is a traditional equestrian sport that combines elements of rodeo, dressage, and bullfighting. Charrería is a popular sport in Mexico, and it is also enjoyed by people in other countries, such as the United States and Canada.

Charreria is more than just a game in Mexico; it’s their national sport. People in Mexico take great pride in Charreria, and it’s a game that has deep roots in their culture and history. It’s like a special bond that brings families and communities together.

History of Charreria in Mexico

Charreria has a fascinating history in Mexico. A long time ago, Mexican cowboys, known as “charros,” used their incredible horsemanship skills to work on ranches. They herded cattle, and over time, they turned their skills into a sport we now call Charreria.


In Charreria, charros showcase their skills on horseback. They perform amazing feats like roping, riding, and catching cattle. It’s like a cowboy show filled with daring tricks and incredible teamwork. The charros wear special outfits, including big hats and colorful suits, adding to the excitement and tradition of the game.

Some Other Popular Games in Mexico:

In addition to Charreria, there are other games that Mexicans love to play. Soccer is a huge deal in Mexico, just like in many countries around the world. You’ll see kids and adults playing soccer in parks and fields everywhere.

Another game that’s popular in Mexico is “Lotería.” It’s a bit like bingo but with colorful cards featuring different pictures. Families often gather to play Lotería on special occasions, and it’s a lot of fun!


Charreria is the national game of Mexico, where charros show off their amazing horsemanship skills. It’s a game filled with tradition and excitement, cherished by people of all ages. Besides Charreria, soccer, and Lotería are popular games in Mexico, bringing joy to families and communities. So, if you ever visit Mexico, you can join in the Charreria fun and maybe even watch a thrilling performance!


FAQs On the National Game Of Mexico

What Is The National Game Of Mexico?

Charreria is the national game of Mexico.

When Was Charreria Declared The National Game Of Mexico?

Charreria was declared the national game of Mexico in 1933.