National Game of South Korea

The national game of South Korea is Taekwondo. It was declared as the national sport in 1971. In this blog post, you will learn everything about South Korea's national sport, Taekwondo.

National Game Of South Korea

South Korea is a country with a rich history, stunning landscapes, and exciting games. Did you know that South Korea has a national game? It’s called Tae-kwon-do! Taekwondo is not just any sport; it’s their national sport, which means it’s extra special to them. Let’s take a journey to explore South Korea’s national game, and its history, and discover some other fun games that people enjoy in this amazing country.


South Korea’s National Game

South Korea’s national game is Taekwondo. It is a martial art that originated in Korea and is now practiced by millions of people around the world. Taekwondo is known for its dynamic kicks and emphasis on self-discipline.

Taekwondo was officially designated as South Korea’s national game in 1971. It was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 1988 and has since become one of the most popular sports at the Olympics. South Korean taekwondo athletes have won numerous medals at the Olympics and other international competitions.

Taekwondo is a popular sport in South Korea for a number of reasons. First, it is a sport that is rooted in Korean culture and history. Second, it is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Third, it is a sport that promotes self-discipline and physical fitness.


Taekwondo is also a source of great pride for South Koreans. South Korean taekwondo athletes have achieved great success on the international stage, and taekwondo is seen as a symbol of Korean culture and identity.

History of Taekwondo in South Korea

Taekwondo has a fascinating history in South Korea. A long time ago, South Korean warriors used martial arts to protect their land. Over time, these martial arts were developed into what we now call Taekwondo.

In Taekwondo, practitioners use their hands and feet to perform powerful and precise moves. It’s a bit like a dance but with self-defense techniques. Taekwondo is all about balance, control, and respect for others.

Some Other Popular Games in South Korea

Besides Taekwondo, there are other games that people in South Korea enjoy playing. One of them is “Yutnori.” Yutnori is a traditional board game where players throw sticks and move their game pieces on the board. It’s a game that’s often played during celebrations and festivals.


Another popular game in South Korea is soccer. Soccer is a big deal, and South Korea even has its national soccer league where talented players compete.


Taekwondo is the national game of South Korea, where practitioners perform precise moves with their hands and feet. It’s a game filled with discipline and respect, cherished by people of all ages.

Besides Taekwondo, Yutnori and soccer are popular games in South Korea, bringing joy and unity to this wonderful country. So, if you ever visit South Korea, you can join in the Taekwondo excitement or try your hand at a game of Yutnori!

FAQs On National Game Of South Korea

What Is The National Game Of South Korea?

Taekwondo is the national game of South Korea.

When Was Taekwondo Declared The National Game Of South Korea?

Taekwondo was officially designated as South Korea’s national game in 1971. On October 21, 1971, South Korean President Park Chung-hee declared taekwondo as the national sport. This was done in order to promote Korean culture and identity and to boost national morale.