How Many District In Sudurpaschim Province

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Sudurpaschim Province, also known as Province 7, is located in the far western part of Nepal. There are 9 Districts in Sudurpaschim Province. These districts are:

  1. Achham District
  2. Baitadi District
  3. Bajhang District
  4. Bajura District
  5. Dadeldhura District
  6. Darchula District
  7. Doti District
  8. Kailali District
  9. Kanchanpur District

These districts are further divided into municipalities or rural municipalities. The municipalities in Sudurpaschim Province include one sub-metropolitan city, 33 municipalities, and 54 rural municipalities with 734 wards. The province has a diverse topography, with 40.6% of the land covered by the Himalayas, and it is home to two major rivers, Seti and Mahakali, as well as several smaller rivers and lakes. Sudurpaschim Province contributes 6.9% to Nepal’s national GDP and has a growth rate of 7.2%.

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