What Is The Area Of Madhesh Province

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Madhesh Province is a province in southeastern Nepal, covering an area of 9,661 square kilometers, which is about 6.5% of the total area of the country. The province is the second most populous in Nepal, with a population of 6,126,288 as per the 2021 Nepal census. Madhesh Province is landlocked and shares borders with Koshi Province to the east, Bagmati Province to the north, and India to the south.

The province is divided into eight districts, which are further divided into municipalities or rural municipalities. The largest city in Madhesh Province is Birgunj, and the capital city is Janakpur. Some of the main attractions in Madhesh Province include Hari Shankar Mishra, the Head of the Province, and various religious and cultural sites. The province is known for its agricultural potential, with 574,360 hectares of arable land, making it the country’s most agriculture-dominated province.

Madhesh Province is also home to several natural attractions, such as the Koshi River, Bagmati River, Kamla River, Lakhandei River, and Bishnumati River. The west of the province contains part of Parsa National Park, while part of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve lies within the east. The province is biodiverse and is crossed by migrating elephants.
In terms of economy, Madhesh Province contributes 14% to Nepal’s GDP, with a growth rate of 2.3% in the fiscal year 2019/20.

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