What Is The Capital City Of Koshi Province

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The capital city of Koshi Province is Biratnagar. Located in eastern Nepal, Koshi Province is the third-largest province in the country, covering an area of 25,905 km² (10,002 sq mi). The province is rich in natural resources, tourist attractions, recreational activities, and natural beauty.

Some of the notable places to visit in Koshi Province include:

Mount Everest: the highest peak in the world.
Kanchenjunga: the third-highest peak in the world.
Gokyo Lakes: a group of lakes in the Himalayas.
Kanyam Ilam: a sacred Hindu site.
Halesi Mahadev Temple:  a Hindu temple.

Biratnagar, the capital city, is an industrial hub and home to various historical and cultural sites. The province is divided into 14 districts, making it the province with the most districts in Nepal. Koshi Province stretches from the Himalayan region to the Terai belt, which means health facilities are more readily available. The province is also home to 791 public health facilities, including 3 Hub hospitals (BPKIHS, Koshi Hospital), 18 Public Hospitals, and 1 Dental Hospital.

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