When did Tribhuvan University, the oldest university in the country, achieve the official world record certificate for the highest number of participants in a convocation ceremony?

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Answer: Poush 2, 2080 BS (December 18, 2023 AD).

  • Tribhuvan University was awarded the world record certificate by the ‘Official World Record’ organization for conducting a convocation ceremony with the physical presence of more than 26,000 individuals.
  • In the 49th convocation ceremony, a total of 12,415 students were conferred degrees.
  • Although the university is capable of conferring degrees to 73,541 students eligible for graduation, the number of students graduated, certified with the diploma, was 12,415.
  • As of the year 2016, the established university currently has 482,541 students enrolled, with 52% of them being female students.

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