Which Is The Largest Bridge In Nepal

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The largest bridge in Nepal is the Karnali Bridge, which is the country’s largest road bridge. The bridge was designed by Steinman, Boynton, Gronquist & Birdsall of the USA, constructed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan, and funded by the World Bank. The Karnali Bridge is part of Nepal’s largest highway and has a length of 1,025 meters (3,362 feet).

Another notable bridge in Nepal is the Dodhara Chandani Bridge, also known as the Mahakali Bridge, which is one of the longest multi-span pedestrian bridges in the country. The bridge has a total length of 1,496.5 meters and crosses Nepal’s giant Sharda River (also known as Mahakali River). However, the Karnali Bridge remains the largest road bridge in Nepal.

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