Who won the title of the Elephant Beauty Contest under the Elephant and Tourism Festival held in Sauraha, Chitwan?

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Answer: Selfiekali (2080 Poush 10-14, Sauraha, Chitwan).

  • The operator of Rhino Lodge and Hotel, Ramkumar Aryal’s Selfiekali won the title with a score of 394 digits.
  • In the competition, with a score of 393, Chitwan National Nikunja’s Rimjhimkali secured the second position, and with a score of 356, United Elephant Operation Cooperative, affiliated with Samriddhikali, became the third.
  • There was a competition among seven elephants owned by the business people of Nikunja and Sauraha.
  • The participating elephants were evaluated based on criteria such as obedience, walking on stilts, discipline, physical appearance, bathing, tusk development and management, and trumpet playing.
  • This edition of the Elephant Festival included programs such as elephant decoration and elephant feasting.
  • The Elephant Festival, which took place four years after the spread of the Coronavirus, was held with precautions.

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