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Are you interested in writing an article? Then Udeshya is here, waiting to hear from you. We provide a platform for writers looking for an opportunity to share their content and get recognition.


Benefits of writing at Udeshya:

1) We have thousands of readers who visit our website on a daily basis. If you want your voice to be heard worldwide, there isn’t a better platform than Udeshya

2) We allow authors to include a link to their website. There is no better way to connect with like-minded people and boost your credibility.

However, our team will make sure that the link you choose to include will be useful to our readers. Our team reserves the right to include or ignore the link, depending on whether or not our readers would benefit from it.

3) Your content will be on our website forever. Read this again.


Write For Us Rules

  1. Content should be detailed and unique.
  2. The article must be SEO Friendly.
  3. You can add one backlink to your submission.
  4. You Should submit at least one image related to your article topic. ( No Copyright Image)
  5. You must submit an article in the English language.
  6. Your article should contain more than 2000 words.
  7. Maintain the readability and uniqueness of your article.

Send your work to with the Subject line: “Article Submission”

We will manually verify your post and approve if it’s 90% unique and follows our guidelines. However, if you have any questions regarding this, feel to contact us at the email mentioned above.